Austin Inno spotlights the Women@Austin Steering Committee

Austin Inno spotlights the Women@Austin Steering Committee and their advice:  22 Top Women Founders in Austin Share Insights on Entrepreneurship.











22 Top Women Founders in Austin Share Insights on Entrepreneurship

Women Entrepreneurs to Watch, Claire Vo, Experiment Engine

Our entrepreneur in the spotlight this month is Claire Vo, CEO & Co-Founder of Experiment Engine. I first met Claire when she was overseeing a worldwide team in Electronic Arts’ Customer Experience group, when EA was a potential customer of my start-up Social Dynamx. Immediately I recognized an entrepreneur in the making. A rare […]

Women Entrepreneurs to Watch, Jen Grogono, uStudio

We’re excited to launch the new series “ATX Women to Watch” spotlighting top female entrepreneurs in Austin. We hope you’ll enjoy their journeys as we cross-pollinate ideas and learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. We hope you’ll liberally share these stories with your own network, as together we help accelerate the success of […]

The Power of Uncertainty

I used to say that women entrepreneurs were Austin’s best-kept secret. But since we started the Women@Austin community two years ago, that has definitely become less so. Entrepreneurial women in Austin are becoming a force.

That was obvious Aug. 19th at our most recent Women@Austin public forum, once again a sold-out room crammed […]

Women@Austin hits a nerve – once again!

Thanks for an amazing evening everyone, at our second Public event June 3, “2014: Be Bold” at Austin’s Capital Factory downtown. #ATXBold.

Gotta love the energy in that room!! Thanks too for all the shout-outs, tweets, and emails – it’s fun to see the momentum building for female entrepreneurial success in Austin.  It appears so […]

What will it take to make Austin #1 for women entrepreneurs?

People often ask me – what is Women@Austin? Is it an organization, a community, an initiative? My answer is that it’s actually all three. We’re building a trusted network within Austin, a movement really, to help women-led businesses multiply and be successful here. We’re 100% focused on making Austin the most accessible, supportive city […]

It’s not a woman’s issue. It’s an economic issue.

We believe that an inclusive business culture is not just good for women, it’s a business imperative for Austin. Why? National trends show that women will be a driving force of entrepreneurial growth in the future.

It’s time we ask ourselves: Are we doing all we can in Austin to help women entrepreneurs be successful […]

Women@Austin’s Launch June 3rd at Capital Factory

Women@Austin’s public debut was February 13 at the Capital Factory. The energy in the room was amazing! It was our first in a series of quarterly events called 2014: Be Bold, with a focus on forming a trusted network among women entrepreneurs in Austin.

We learned a lot with this first session. Sold out in 5 […]